Hit me again and harder my darling

In BDSM, there are no preliminaries. The sex is purely a kind of role-play. Of course, there are rules to follow, but this would be an agreement between the couples.

Sex in high gear

In most cases, the couple starts by tying up their partner, the first role of the submissive is often the woman. Then the man will do what he wants, he uses gadgets to make the woman so over excited that she doesn't even feel the ropes tightening her feet and wrists or her neck itself. He is allowed to hit her, with a special whip that sends shivers all over her body until she bleeds. And it goes on with the feather stroke, to titillate the person until they cry with laughter. Sucking your partner's cock until you cum, anal sex, sex between the breasts, cum baths... these are all compulsory parts of hard sex. Pulling her partner's hair, asking her to swallow her sperm and even scat are possible in BDSM. Once the first part is over, the role changes and the man become the submissive.

Hardsex between a Milf and a young Brazilian

This young man is an influencer, and during his holidays in France, he offered himself a hardsex with a Milf escort because he likes mature women. Milf arrived with a blue miniskirt showing her tattooed thighs, and already without panties. The top is a white tank top showing her big, luscious breasts. And now she's not waiting to be invited anymore, she enters the boy's room and takes a seat on the sofa. She immediately spreads her legs, reminding him that she is paid by the minute, so let's get on with it. He, no longer resisting in front of this beautiful meat, rushes to undress. But, as she wants to enlarge her cock even more, she starts to do doggy style. The latter complies and starts to caress the thighs of the beautiful Milf, to hit her, and to play at her asshole. Once she managed to get a big cock, she turned around and straddled her partner. The youngster goes through with the act and fondles his partner's breasts and pulls her hair. The session lasts 25 minutes, but these two have changed positions at least 5 times until they cum through their mouths.

Where to find hardsex?

If you want to watch hardcore content, you can subscribe to adult sites. There are also some private pages on social networks: Mym or Onlyfan, for example, where you will find accounts of sex workers. Camgirls and escorts are specialists in hard sex. Couples who practice libertarianism most often offer themselves to this kind of practice. We can see that people who practice it really want to let off steam through sex.

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